Home Reno Rebate program: customers should act today

October 05, 2018

Home Reno Rebate program: customers should act today

Utilities Kingston gas customers who are interested in participating in the Home Reno Rebate program should have a participating certified energy advisor complete a pre-renovation energy assessment before October 31, 2018. We want our gas customers to know that the Home Reno Rebate program will no longer be available to them as of November 1.

Union Gas had partnered with Save on Energy and the Government of Ontario to enhance the rebates available in the program and expand eligibility to homeowners who are not Union Gas customers. These partnerships are ending and these external funds will be fully committed by November 1; at that time, Union Gas will no longer be able to offer the program enhancements funded by these partners to new enrollees.

The Home Reno Rebate program was intended to help homeowners identify and make energy-saving improvements. It will still be available to Union Gas customers who use a natural gas furnace or boiler as their home’s primary heating source.

Learn more and get answers to frequently asked questions at https://utilitieskingston.com/Gas/Conservation/HomeRenoRebate

To get started and find a list of Kingston-area energy advisors, visit https://ohecip.ca/en/