6,350 Households to Receive Utilities Kingston Conservation Reports

May 24, 2016

6,350 Households to Receive Utilities Kingston Conservation Reports

Utilities Kingston is sending out Powerful InsightsTM reports to 6,350 customers to help them identify how to conserve energy and water – and save money. 

Approximately, 2,500 of the reports are going to households that have electrical heat sources while 3,850 of them are going to general high-use households. Utilities Kingston’s electricity customers who would like to get reports, but don’t receive a mailing by July, can register at the link given below. 

The goal is to help our customers who use a lot of electricity and water find ways to cut down by offering them clear information on their usage. 

This Powerful Insights program was piloted in 2015 and we saw a two per cent drop in energy use amongst the 9,000 households that were sent reports. Collectively, they saved enough energy to power 100 average residential customers for a year.

The Powerful Insights reports offer:

  • A comparison of a customer’s household’s energy use to homes of similar size and heating source.
  • Calculated estimates of how much energy is being used by a customer’s heating and cooling equipment, appliances, lights and electronics.
  • Suggestions, tailored to individual households, for actions customers can take to save energy, water and money while reducing our community’s impact on the environment.

Visit our Powerful Insights page to find information on the following: 

  • Find answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Ask a question or offer feedback to help improve the reports.
  • Find new conservation tips each month.
  • Register to receive Powerful Insights™ reports for their household, or opt out of the program.

Customers who’d like assistance with their reports, or anyone interested in learning more about ways to conserve water, energy and money can call 613-546-0000 and say ‘conservation’.