Electric Service Request

This form is for electrical contractors or engineers who are requesting a new or upgraded electricity service. Please complete one form per civic address.

Before you submit your request, first review the Kingston Hydro conditions of service.

For further information, please contact a services advisor directly at 613-546-1181, extension 2285 or email serviceadvisors@utilitieskingston.com.

Alternatively, a document version of the request form is also available - you can print, complete and fax this form to 613-546-5391.

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Applicant Information
Customer Information
Service Address Information
Work Information

To review the general services available, view the Kingston Hydro conditions of service.

Old Service Details:
New Service Details:
Additional Meters Required?
Meter Base Location Change?

Note: Payment in Full Required before Scheduling
Electric Load Summary (only required if service is over 50 kVA)

Please enter actual projected amounts, not the ESA service rating.

*Monthly Peak Demand in kW is the maximum amount of electricity the new service will consume at any single point in time during the month.

Additional Information

Is new/upgraded on-site generation being proposed?

  • new or upgraded service ESA calculations, including line-by-line load summary, if available.
  • Photographs of the existing service entrance and transformers, if available.
  • any other relevant material relating to the new or upgraded service.